Our Team

At DEFENDERS, we are called to grow and inspire leaders who love and serve people … and at DEFENDERS, everyone is a leader. The Business Improvement Team (BIT) is comprised of servant leaders who have committed their lives to helping others become the best possible version of themselves. The BIT shows up each and every day at DEFENDERS with the calling and responsibility to grow and lead a profitable business by growing people. The individuals on the BIT are totally committed high achievers and humble life-long learners. They are DEFENDERS' drum majors and model the behaviors we expect at DEFENDERS.

Business Improvement Team (BIT)

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Jim Boyce
President and Chief Executive Officer


Mike Lantz
Chief Learning Officer


Robert Freeman
Vice President, Sales


Richard Hill
Vice President, Marketing


Bart Shroyer
Chief Financial Officer


Rob Davis
Vice President, Corporate Partnerships


Dan Abeln
Vice President, Finance