How We Achieve Success


There is no recipe for success. The word itself means different things among varying companies and groups of people. You can perform an internet search for the definition of success. Wikipedia tells us that success is the “achievement of a goal.” You can find any number of articles that offer a roadmap for success or a list of things you need to do to be successful. Realistically, success can only happen through commitment.

So, what makes a company successful? As with most questions, the answer will depend on who you ask. Many of them sound good. You might hear things like

  • You have to change with the times
  • Develop a solid strategy for your goals
  • Know where to invest your money
  • You need to have a long-term plan
  • Find your niche

While this may all be sage advice, we only know how we do it at DEFENDERS and it involves commitment. We don’t mean commitment to the company. We mean commitment to yourself. And, it seems to be working.

According to Forbes, “The secret to your success is to remember what you should be doing, and to actually do it.” This article offers the example of weight loss: “If you want to lose weight... eat less and exercise more. You know this. But can you remember it when you are at a dinner with friends on your second glass of wine and everyone orders dessert?” The idea here is that you must commit to your success and actually do the things that will make you successful, ALL THE TIME. At DEFENDERS, we give you the support you need to be successful.

We know that we can only be successful if you are successful. To that end, we have developed some DEFENDER-isms that help us keep our eyes on the prize. According to Wikipedia, an -ism is “often used in philosophy to define specific ideologies…” For us, DEFENDER-isms are words we live by. DEFENDER-isms are our recipe for success. Take a look at what motivates us:

  • It’s My Company: At DEFENDERS, each and every team member is encouraged to believe that they are part owners of the company. Every single valuable person who works here knows that they are an instrumental part in saving lives. When asked whose company this is, the response and belief from all team members is a resounding “It’s My Company!”
  • Focus=Growth: Another -ism we take very seriously is the relationship between focus and growth. We embrace the mentality of focus. By setting one serious goal, we are able to tune out the distractions that often come with trying to do multiple things at one time. By focusing your efforts on the most important goals, you achieve them and are able to grow and become better as a result.
  • Businesses Don’t Grow, People Do: This DEFENDER-ism is near and dear to everything we do. All team members are given “service” days and “me” days to use as they wish. The purpose is to allow all team members the time and resources needed to grow. By encouraging service to others and ensuring that team members have access to the necessary resources, we as a company will also grow. It is only through the support and growth of team members that our company can improve. Because without our team members, we have no company. (Whose company is this? It’s my company!)
  • When you commit, everything changes: This -ism recognizes the value of true commitment. Often, people claim that they are committed to achieving a goal, while not truly taking the steps required to achieve it. Someone might say, “I’m committed to losing 30 pounds.” But, each day they find an excuse to not exercise or eat healthy. That person may want to lost weight, but clearly not enough to make the necessary commitment. True commitment is difficult. Sometimes, it means doing things you don’t feel up to or forcing yourself to remain steadfast despite temptations to the contrary. However, if you truly commit to a goal, you will see improvements and the results are life-changing.
  • We make sure bad things don’t happen to good people: As a home security company, we not only make protecting others a personal goal, it’s the ENTIRE focus of what we do. We install home security systems because we want to protect good people. It’s that simple.
  • Work harder on yourself than you do on your job: At DEFENDERS, we push each other to work hard on ourselves. Career goals won’t happen unless personal ones are achieved first. For example, imagine Kim is always distracted at work. Upon investigation, her co-worker discovers that she and her spouse are not getting along and Kim fears a divorce. Simply telling Kim to focus more at work isn’t going to fix the issue. She may try harder, working longer hours, and checking emails at home, only to have her marriage fall further apart. However, if she takes measures to fix the issues that are causing her marriage to unravel, she will also be more focused at work when her home issues have been resolved. When Kim focuses on herself, she becomes a better spouse AND a better team member.
  • At DEFENDERS, we don’t wish things were easier, we wish we were better: It is easy to believe that something is too difficult to accomplish. If you think that something is genuinely out of your reach, you won’t even try to accomplish it. But, we have never really been a fan of the easy way out. Rather than believe that we aren’t capable, we work harder to make sure that we can meet our goals and accomplish great things. This way, we become better people and team members.
  • Commit to be the very best version of yourself you can be: This one genuinely requires work and commitment, but if you have to commit to anything, bettering yourself seems like a good goal to have. At DEFENDERS, we put considerable resources towards helping you become the best version of yourself that you can. Because, we know that in doing that, you make the world around you a better place and we all benefit from that commitment.

These aren’t just mantras or clichés that we spout as motivation. This is how we live. That’s success.

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