The Importance of Training: An Insider Look at the Security Advisor Training Schedule

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Training is an important part of success for any company. A strong training program is the foundation for developing leaders. This principle is something we take seriously at DEFENDERS. Being part of the security industry, our job is to protect as many families as we can. And we make sure that our security advisors are properly prepped to do exactly that.

To ensure our team members feel comfortable and are ready to set foot inside homes, we put the security advisors through an extensive six-week training program. This program also includes a trip to DEFENDERS headquarters in Indianapolis where new team members take part in mock installations and spend a day on self-improvement.

What are the benefits of the DEFENDERS training program?

  • Our extensive program ensures that all of our customers are fully protected by seeing that all security advisors are prepared and extensively educated on installation procedures and equipment.
  • Security advisors have several opportunities to learn from multiple trainers.
  • Incoming team members have the chance to fully acquaint themselves with all requirements and take part in our company culture.
  • We offer support along the way to guarantee new team members feel comfortable with their training.
  • Here’s a closer look at the six-week training process for new DEFENDERS security advisors.

    Weeks 1 & 2: Acclimation

    For the first two weeks, new security advisors become acclimated in their local branches. DEFENDERS Is a national company, operating in 48 states. When new security advisors join the team, they will spend some time shadowing a seasoned security advisor and seeing experts install security systems. New team members mostly observe the processes and equipment and begin to feel comfortable with the hardware they will eventually handle.

    Week 3: Culture Day and training at Corporate Headquarters

    All new security advisors (and every single new hire in the company) come to DEFENDER’S headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana (all expenses paid). On Monday, all new team members attend Culture Day, a day devoted to self-improvement. Security advisors learn the story behind the company and are shown multiple ways to give back to the community and become better versions of themselves. During Culture Day, new team members discover why it’s important to focus on self-improvement.

    The remainder of the week is spent with trainers. Together, new security advisors and their trainers perform an actual security system installation in a mock home. New hires install the system over two and half days, giving them the opportunity to ask questions about any aspect of the process or equipment.

    This sandbox environment gives new security advisors the opportunity to take an in-depth look at a full installation. They discover how alarms work and are given every chance to investigate the technical aspects of security systems. This week also lets new hires

    • Reinforce what they’ve seen so far and build on it.
    • Perform an installation under supervision.
    • Ask any question related to sales, equipment, and installation processes.
    • Learn how to build out contracts.
    • Educate themselves on the sales experience.
    • Discover how to protect families.

    We want new security advisors to feel confident in their skills and give them every opportunity to find answers to their questions.

    Week 4: Back to the field

    After a week of focused training and doing an actual mock installation, security advisors are sent back into the field at their local branches. At this point, new security advisors take part in real installations with a supervising veteran. They shadow an experienced security advisor and take part in the sales process.

    To continue their education, new security advisors also complete tasks in an online educational platform. This week is a balance between shadowing and continuing education. The goal is to ensure all new security advisors are being properly trained and to increase their comfort level with processes and products.

    Week 5: Certification week

    This week is typically known as certification week. After four weeks of training, shadowing, and education, new security advisors are poised to become certified. This involves performing an entire installation under the supervision of the security manager. If completed successfully, the manager ensures that all educational tasks are complete. If so, the new security advisor officially becomes certified to install ADT Pulse systems.

    Week 6: Final Week

    This final week is the culmination of all training. There are final knowledge and culture checks to ensure that the new security advisor has met all training objectives and understands the culture of the company. Finally, the entire experience culminates with a survey so that security advisors can offer feedback on the training process.

    The ultimate goal is to make sure that families are protected and that security advisors are thoroughly trained and feel comfortable helping others. According to David DiMartino, Security Advisor Training Team Lead, “It’s one of those places you can work, earn a great living, and do it by helping people.” If this sounds like you, come join us!