Meet Scott Lacy from Defenders: A 2017 Inspire Award Finalist

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It is often difficult to know what kind of impact we have on those around us. While it may be easy to see how people change over a span of years, you don’t often see the immediate effect you can have on a person. This is exactly how Scott Lacy felt. And then, he was given a pretty good clue.

To his surprise, Scott was nominated for a 2017 Inspire Award for Mentoring. On February 23, Scott was recognized for his work with mentees.

Scott has been involved with mentoring others in some capacity for the last 10-15 years. Unbeknownst to him, former mentees took it upon themselves to nominate him for the award. It came as a bit of a shock.

While Scott recognizes the value of mentoring and seeing positivity in action, he didn’t find his own actions to be extraordinary in nature.

“I’m more of a tactical guy, solving problems, fixing things,” Scott said. “I don’t need a lot of affirmation.”

Although Scott doesn’t necessarily realize the far-reaching impact of his mentoring, his mentees clearly feel he is a deserving recipient.

When asked about the award, Scott was humbled. He knows that those he helps do all the heavy lifting.

“Mostly I listen, ask questions, try to challenge,” Scott said.

It’s not always easy, but overcoming obstacles is important. Scott keep this goal firmly in his sights.

One of Scott’s favorite things about mentoring is the process: “Mentoring, a lot of times, is not about fixing someone’s problem. It’s about helping someone, coming to a solution together. “

He recognizes that mentoring isn’t about telling people what to do, but helping others discover how they can best use their strengths and overcome their weaknesses to be successful. To Scott, the mentees do the work. The mentors just help them find the way to a solution.

Some of Scott’s favorite moments come from seeing others working to realize their goals. He recalls helping a family work through their finances to eliminate debt. He fondly remembers how a mentee applied himself to exercise and improve his health. Seeing the positive results, his mentee’s wife even decided she should take steps to get in better shape as well. He enjoys being reminded that you never know how far a positive influence can reach. And, for him, DEFENDERS has played an important role.

During his 14 years with DEFENDERS, Scott has had the opportunity to see how positive leadership can have a lasting effect. Before he entered into mentoring himself, he was lucky enough to be on the receiving end of several mentors within the company. Scott believes in the “paying it forward mentality.” He saw first-hand the value of having a mentor and how good leaders can make a positive impact on those around them.

Scott appreciates how DEFENDERS has developed a culture of helping others. It is largely because of this that he stays with the company.

“DEFENDERS is a place that will reward you, not only financially, but personally,” Scott said. “What you put into it is what you get out of it.”

DEFENDERS lets employees focus on themselves so that the whole company and community can benefit from the results.

As a mentor, Scott urges others to recognize that mentoring doesn’t have to be a formal process.

“Mentoring is not a tough thing,” Scott said. “You can mentor anybody a nephew, a neighbor, a coworker. It can be very beneficial to anyone.”

He wants others to recognize that mentoring doesn’t have to necessarily be a process with a list of rules. Helping others is beneficial regardless of where or how it takes place.

“Personal mentors gave me a new way of thinking,” Scott said. “I wanted to pass that on.”

And we appreciate that you do Scott. Keep up the good work!