DEFENDERS Annual Make-a-Wish Campaign

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Every year, we look for ways to make an impact in our local communities. Giving is integral to our business and is rooted in our core values. Our team members are constantly finding new ways to help others and we love seeing the positivity spread.

One consistent campaign we take part in each year involves adopting Make-a-Wish recipients and granting the wish of selected children. This year, we are lucky enough to sponsor twin boys - Josh and Nick. Our campaign will run from April through early June as we work to raise funds to grant the wishes of both of these children.

This year marks our eleventh year of participation with the Make-a-Wish Foundation. Over the past ten years, we have helped raise approximately $829,000 to grant the wishes of participants. Last year alone, we garnered $47,000!

Meet our Make-a-Wish recipients!

This year, we are lucky enough to grant the wishes of twin boys named Josh and Nick. These eight-year old boys suffer from digestive syndromes, causing malnutrition and weight loss. The boys love to play and hope to spend some time in a magical place of their choosing.

  • Nick loves his Legos and wants nothing more than to go to Legoland for a fun-filled day, surrounded by his favorite creative toy.
  • Josh is fascinated by the possibilities offered in the Disney universe and wishes to attend a Disney cruise.

We are confident that our 10-week Make-A-Wish campaign will raise enough money to grant both wishes!

Helping to grant wishes

In order to help raise funds for our Wish boys, we will encourage team members to participate in any way they can. Here are some of the opportunities we offer:

  • Our Make-a-Wish campaign will kickoff at our conventions, where we will accept donations from team members across the country.
  • We will host a Wish party for the boys in May. At our celebratory luncheon, our Indianapolis team members will be invited to attend for a $10 fee. The luncheon hosts the Wish kids and all proceeds go to grant the wishes.
  • A live auction will run for an entire week in May. Team members can make bids for the auction online and can view the auction items in person at the Wish party luncheon.
  • Indianapolis team members will have an additional opportunity to make donations through our desk-drop program. We will drop forms at individual desks for anyone wanting to donate.
  • Additional opportunities for donations will come via email to our team members across the country. Anyone still hoping to make a donation can do so through a link in their email.

We can’t wait to put a smile on the faces of our Wish kids!