Employee Spotlight: Adam Kaminski

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DEFENDERS is always on the lookout for good people. Even if those people don’t come to us through traditional avenues, we appreciate all that they can offer to our business and our communities. Adam Kaminski has been with DEFENDERS for 12 years now. Adam didn’t come to us through conventional means, but we are grateful every day that he has chosen to be part of our growing company.

Forging a new path

Adam did not intentionally seek out his position with DEFENDERS. Since the beginning, DEFENDERS has set its sights on growth in an effort to help protect more and more families. To help meet that goal, DEFENDERS utilizes multiple methods. One of these methods involves acquiring other companies to be part of our team. Twelve years ago, Adam was spending his days selling security systems for a small business.

When Adam received the call that the company he worked for had been bought, his immediate response was to quit. At the urging of his employer, he decided to give DEFENDERS a try. His employer recognized Adam’s strengths and knew he’d be a good fit with the DEFENDERS company culture. Fast forward 12 years and Adam is thriving with DEFENDERS.

In his previous position, Adam was accustomed to door-to-door sales. Even though DEFENDERS was not nearly the size it is today, Adam had to transition to a call center sales model. Although things were not always easy, he fondly recalls days of a three-man team handling sales calls with limited IT resources. Now, the call center employs over 200 team members.

The impact of growth

At DEFENDERS, we live the words spoken by our founder: “Business don’t grow, people do.” Because we are only as strong as those who make up our company, we take extra measures to encourage personal growth. This is the approach we take with all our team members, and Adam was no different. He and his team members quickly realized the need to grow personally so that they could match the accelerated growth that DEFENDERS was experiencing. This team approach helped them keep up the momentum and hold each other accountable to be always improving.

As Adam’s personal growth continued, he was able to become a part of the growth at DEFENDERS—helping to refine processes and become more efficient. Adam appreciates that he gets to work for a company that really invests so much time and effort into their employees. And we love watching him grow.

Thank you for being a part of the team Adam!