Striving to Meet New Goals with Competitive Winner, Walter Egner

Walter Egner

This month’s 20th anniversary award winner was chosen for his winning streak, or rather for his love of competition. At DEFENDERS, we are competitive winners. We know that success comes from a strong work ethic, the constant push to be better, and a healthy dose of competition. Walter Egner helps the team members at his branch reach all new heights by developing inter-office competitions.

Joining a team of competitive winners

As a numbers lover, Walter knows how important incentives are for raising productivity. Before Walter came to DEFENDERS, he was pursuing a career in dentistry. After receiving a Biology degree from Temple University, he began to grow unsure of this path and started to explore other options. His love of numbers directed him toward a career as an Actuary. In order to prepare for his exams, Walter needed a full-time job so see him through. After some investigation, Walter was faced with joining the DEFENDERS team or selling office supplies door-to-door. 

Ultimately, it was the consistent training pay that brought Walter to DEFENDERS—a decision he is thankful for making every day. Shortly after joining DEFENDERS, Walter abandoned his exams: “I loved the day-to-day work. It really took off. I loved it. Stopped taking my Actuarial exams altogether and set on my path.” And we are glad he did.

Driving growth through competition

In the first two years, Walter was successful enough to qualify for the annual Superstar Celebration, a trip reserved for top performers. He was asked to act as interim manager in Pittsburgh in June 2017. During his three months there, the branch was among the highest ranked in the company, even earning the top position one month. 

Shortly thereafter, Walter became the Security Manager at the Rockville branch in Long Island. Under his supervision, the branch continues to grow and reach all new heights. Walter is constantly hosting contests to boost productivity, many of which he personally funds and initiates. Walter commented, “I LOVE Competitions, even as an SA, I would always spice up the competition. We were always trying to one-up each other.”

Many of the team members at Walter’s branch credit these competitions for their success. One team member commented, “Walter consistently raises the bar of expectations. His

minimum goals are usually others primary or visionary.” 

Walter continues to strive for bigger and better goals. He says, “A big motivational factor in sales is recognition and competition. I would always run competitions.” His persistence is helping DEFENDERS reach ever higher. Keep up the good work, Walter!

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