Helping Keep Families Safe: Protecting Two Million Families Across the Country

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Our top priority at DEFENDERS is keeping families safe. It’s one of our core values—in fact, it’s our entire business model. We love that we are given the opportunity to serve others and help keep them protected. Recently, we have been able to celebrate that success in more ways than one. It seems fitting that as we celebrate our 20th anniversary, we are also able to embrace our success by reaching the huge milestone of protecting two million families across the country.

Marking a milestone

DEFENDERS has humble beginnings. Armed with the determination to protect families and some grit, Dave and Jessica Lindsey launched DEFENDERS from a spare bedroom in their home. It was difficult to see then all that the company would one day be capable of achieving. For that reason, we are so appreciative of the families that have allowed us the opportunity to protect them. Dave commented that this milestone “causes us to pause and celebrate all of the families that have entrusted their protection to us.”

This accomplishment didn’t come without lots of hard work. Of achieving this milestone, Dave mentioned that “tons of little things [had to happen], all done with excellence. In order to protect two million families, we needed to visit close to three million homes and have answered more than seven million phone calls!

At DEFENDERS, we are not afraid of hard work. In fact, it is that same hard work that helps us protect so many families!

Humble servants help keep families protected

As we celebrate our 20th anniversary, we are humbled by how far DEFENDERS has come and we are so grateful that we can serve and help protect our communities. Dave reflected on the roles our team members play in helping to protect families:

“Businesses don’t grow, people do! There is no way we could have ever achieved this milestone without a team that is committed to working harder on themselves than they do on their job. By growing personally in the areas of spirituality, health, education, finances and service, our team members have developed the capacity to protect two million families.”

We are so humbled that families across the country have allowed us the opportunity to keep them protected. To show our appreciation, we are heading into the future with more resolve than ever!

Hard work helps us protect more families

At DEFENDERS, we take our responsibility of protecting families seriously. It’s why we continue to reward the dedication and hard work of our team members. Protecting families is a team job. It can’t be done alone. Dave commented on the role of teamwork in marking this milestone. He said, “There is no way that I, or any of the leaders at DEFENDERS, could’ve ever done this alone.”

We have no plans of slowing. At DEFENDERS, we know that there are still more families for us to protect so we are keeping our sights on the future and continuing to apply ourselves to being better.

“Our future is bigger than our past! We will continue to work on being better instead of wishing things were easier. We will also continue to work harder on ourselves than we do on our jobs. These two commitments will be the foundation of any growth we have in the future.”

A special thank you to all the team members and families who have helped us come so far!

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