Rewarding Success: 2017 Superstar Celebration

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If you enjoy lounging on the beach with friends and family, you might consider coming to work for DEFENDERS. Each year, we take some time to show our appreciation for those DEFENDERS team members who go above and beyond their roles. We are called to protect families and we can’t do that without the Superstars who make that their mission every single day. To celebrate our top performers as part of our 17th Annual Superstar Celebration, we flew each of them and a guest to Cancun where they got to spend some time networking, celebrating their successes, and being pampered.

This year, we were excited to see 130 first-time Superstars and their plus-ones. The celebration took place at the Fiesta Americana Condesa Cancun resort. The venue we chose this year was slightly smaller which kept our Superstars more connected. The more intimate settings gave the attendees extra opportunities to interact with one another: “There was time to network and connect.” One attendee particularly enjoyed “hanging out with everyone that I have developed relationships with during my time at DEFENDERS.”

To show our appreciation, we wanted to shake things up a bit to foster excitement for all that our Superstars have achieved this year. To help ensure our Superstars are comfortable, we offered a sunglasses fitting where all attendees got to choose a pair of their choice. Spanning from January 4th through January 7th, the Superstar Celebration was an event full of “good people, good music, good food.”

We kicked off the event with the Superstar arrival on January 4. Because we love to see how all of our Superstars march to their own drum, we started the party with a Silent Disco. This involved giving a headset to each guest on the dance floor. Three DJs provided music on different stations and the dancers would switch between them to find their favorite tune. This was a perfect example of how our Superstars find harmony by bringing together their different strengths, as each person danced and sang along to different songs.

The first full day was packed with awards and was a great opportunity to recognize the hard work of our Superstars. A few notable awards this year included:

  • Perfect Protection Award: This award was new to 2017. The recipient, Deron Coleman of Milwaukee, had zero calls on his first 99 installs.
  • Top Security Advisor: This year’s top security advisor was Jason Hespen from St. Louis. Jason has taken this top spot two years in a row and also received an award for Install Quality.
  • Top Sales Agent: Randi Lawhorn of Newport took this year’s award for the #1 sales spot for selling the most security systems out of our Newport Call Center.
  • HERO of the Year: This year’s HERO award went to Anthony Sebastian, also from our Newport Call Center. This is his second year at the top for HERO as he continues to rank high for assisting other call center team members in closing sales.
  • President’s Award: The President’s Award comes directly from our President and CEO, Jim Boyce. This year’s recipient was Richard Hill, our Chief Marketing Officer.
  • We presented approximately 30 awards to this year’s Superstars.

The following day was more relaxed and attendees took part in a pool party which was kept upbeat by Indy’s own DJ GNO. Superstars spent the afternoon dancing and enjoying the sunny afternoon. One attendee noted that, “I like that we weren’t over-scheduled.” These was a definite air of celebration as attendees enjoyed some fun in the sun and an opportunity to network with colleagues and their plus ones.

Needless to say, we are proud of the work of our Superstars and are excited we could show our appreciation. We look forward to seeing what we can accomplish in 2018!