Improving How We Do Business with Our Customer Experience Team

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Helping families is what we do. It’s what drives us, it’s our motivation, and it informs how we run our business. Our customers lie at the very heart of what we do. We work diligently to help ensure that families are protected and we serve our local communities because you matter to us. We know that to truly serve our customer base, we have to continually seek ways to improve the customer experience. To help us meet those goals, we have formed a Customer Experience Team.

In July of 2017, we took efforts to reinvigorate our goals. The sole purpose of the Customer Experience Team is to identify areas where we can strengthen customer relationships and improve the overall experience for our customers.

Our Customer Experience Team gathered and put their collective minds to brainstorming the best ways to make the customer experience better. Here’s what they came up with.

Expanding our teams to better serve our customers

When customers have issues, they typically phone in to our customer call center in search of answers. We know that excessive wait times are frustrating. To help eliminate dissatisfaction, we have expanded our staff so that we can help more customers in a timely manner.

In addition to the augmented staff, we have put better leadership and training processes in place to ensure our customer experience agents are properly trained, friendly, and knowledgeable. We are making concentrated efforts to upgrade the quality of our calls and the information that is provided.

Improved access to technology and information

The more we know about you, the faster and more efficiently we can help you. That’s where improved technology comes into play. Recently, we integrated a trusted Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Our CRM puts data at the fingertips of our customer experience agents so that we needn’t waste time getting background information from the customer.

We are also investigating ways to upgrade our self-service options. Using automated calling technology, our websites, and texting communications, we are updating the many ways customers can find answers. We want it to be easy for customers. Integrating these options will enable customers to interact with us the way they want to.

Getting the right information for customers

One common complaint with call centers involves being rerouted from one person to another in search of the person who has the information you need. Do you have questions about billing or a technical question pertaining to your security system? Our customer experience agents specialize in these areas so that they can quickly provide the information you need. And now, we have taken efforts to connect you with the right agent so that your time isn’t wasted by being shuffled around.

Utilizing feedback to improve our processes

Feedback is an important asset when it comes to improving how we do business. We have set up feedback loops to help prevent calls from happening in the first place. Our customers provide us with valuable feedback and we ensure that those questions and concerns are given to the appropriate people. What good is feedback if we don’t apply it?

For example, we may see a trend in customers who call with questions about unexpected charges on their bill. In that event, we would inform our sales teams to more clearly explain how charges work upfront to reduce the frequency of misunderstandings.

Using these measures, we have seen significant improvements in the quality of our service:

  • Since September of 2017, we have reduced customer wait times by half, while still maintaining a consistent customer base.
  • Our overall call volume is down 15 percent since August 2017 with the same amount of security systems installed.
  • We have identified shortcomings in our processes and have put teams in place to inform our sales and installation departments of best practices so that confusion is reduced or eliminated from the starting point.

You are important to us. Let us prove it to you.