Meet Our First 20th Anniversary Winner: Ryan Threlkeld


DEFENDERS is fortunate to be celebrating 20 years of success. We work hard to show our team members that they are valued and appreciated. To help us celebrate our 20th Anniversary, we are choosing ten lucky recipients who embody our passions and core values. To show our gratitude for helping us grow, we are awarding those winners $20,000 each. Meet our first winner, Ryan Threlkeld.

Ryan joined DEFENDERS nine years ago as an Innovations Analyst. During that time, Ryan has worked closely with our call centers and finance teams. As an analytical team member, Ryan put his efforts toward helping the call center make good, data-driven decisions. He has been instrumental in helping DEFENDERS identify and implement systems to help us grow.

About six months ago, Ryan took a new position and became the Manager of Customer Experience Operations. He expressed excitement about his new role and is happy to move from an advisory role to an operational position. Ryan now puts his efforts toward improving the customer experience.

Systems are the Solution

At DEFENDERS, we believe that systems are the solution. We know that it’s important to take what we learn and develop a process that can be followed by our team members across the country. Ryan was chosen as the recipient of the Systems are the Solution Passion award because he has devoted much of his time to developing new systems that improve how we do business.

Ryan described how he has used this mindset in his new position:

“We’ve implemented a lot of things that we’ve found worked well in the sales department over the years. Basically, we’re doing what was already working in other areas and implemented them in the customer experience department.”

As a result, we are improving how customers interact with our business.

Embodying our passions

Ryan is constantly analyzing how we can make improvements. He seeks out new processes and implements systems to help us drive results. His hard work made Ryan a logical choice for this award.

“It was crazy! It really felt like Publisher Clearing House-ish. I was definitely in shock.... There was lots of cheering, tons of hugs, and handshakes….I was truly not expecting it.”

Ryan was shocked and truly humbled to receive the award. He expressed sincere appreciation for being chosen and felt that DEFENDERS worked very hard to make sure he was fully taken care of.

Ryan plans to use his earnings to fund a family trip to Disney and will invest any leftover money. Thank you for all that you do!