Summer Intern Series: Cameron Prill


DEFENDERS is excited to introduce the first of our five summer 2018 interns and share more about their life inside and outside the summer internship program. Today we introduce you to Cameron Prill, but stay tuned for the rest of the intern blog series throughout the summer!

School: Ball State University

Major: Music Composition, Computer Technology, Minor in Business Administration

Role at DEFENDERS: IT Intern

Favorite Quote: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” –Aristotle

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: A really strong Vanilla, even better with Oreos mixed in!

Passions: Profound love of teaching music in all forms, from waveform analysis to teaching lessons to beginning musicians. I’m fascinated by all aspects of space exploration. Working at NASA/SpaceX as an engineer is the one job I’ll always want more than anything.

Favorite place you’ve traveled: 3 months on the road with a traveling ensemble. Sleeping on gym floors and public community centers when not sleeping overnight on a bus. I met so many amazing people from almost every state east of Colorado. Saw monuments and small towns, and everything in between with some of the hardest working people I’ve ever met.

If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, who would it be and why: Alive – John Williams (Composer for Star Wars, Indiana Jones, E.T., and many more) – The man is one of the closest bridges we have left between 19th century opera and 20th century/modern cinema in terms of musical development. I’d love to hear his story, and where he went for inspiration throughout his career.

Deceased – Michael Crichton (author of Jurassic Park, Timeline, Andromeda Strain, and many more) – One of my favorite authors, who passed away while I was in High School. I loved reading his fictional exploration of the possibilities of fringe science, mainly because he did his best to justify everything strange in his stories with kernels proven theories in whatever field he was deconstructing.

What’s your favorite thing about working at DEFENDERS: Being given the opportunity to grow myself as an individual, and apply that in a fashion unique to me. I don’t feel like a cog in a wheel as much as an individual who brings new perspective to the fold.

What kind of projects are working on this summer: Helping in the improving the Quality of Life for some of the tools that keep DEFENDERS operating smoothly. Also, looking into potential errors within existing systems and finding ways to mitigate/resolve these errors quickly and efficiently.

 Where do you see yourself in 10 years: When it comes to planning for my own long term future, I try to set broader goals so that I don’t end up disappointed if minute details don’t come to fruition. All I see for myself in 10 years is a happy comfortable life, surrounded by friends and family whom I care about, and doing work that I am proud of. If I have positively affected one person in the next 10 years in a meaningful way, then I will have been successful.

Lastly, take a SELFIE with your manager!

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