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20 Years of Success Employee Spotlight Marty Berling

To see a company rise to great heights is truly an experience. Twenty years ago, DEFENDERS was a business that barely had a home base. The team was small and it was not easy getting the business off the ground. Still, they persisted. In the early days, DEFENDERS was comprised of few employees. But these employees had a vision and they were determined to make it work. Right there, with a front row seat, was Marty Berling.

Building 20 Years of Success: The DEFENDERS Origin Story

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This year, we are celebrating our 20th Anniversary of helping to protect families. Today, we are a national company striving to help protect families across the United States, but, this radical success wasn’t realized overnight. The road that led us here wasn’t always smooth and took a lot of resilience, persistence, and learning, but we survived and excelled and are proud to serve more and more families each year. How did DEFENDERS get where it is today? Let’s rewind 20 years...