20 Years of Success Employee Spotlight Marty Berling


To see a company rise to great heights is truly an experience. Twenty years ago, DEFENDERS was a business that barely had a home base. The team was small and it was not easy getting the business off the ground. Still, they persisted. In the early days, DEFENDERS was comprised of few employees. But these employees had a vision and they were determined to make it work. Right there, with a front row seat, was Marty Berling.

Before Marty joined the DEFENDERS team, he had been with a company for 14 years which had relocated him several times. As his family began to grow, Marty realized that the lack of roots was no longer an option. He decided it was time for a change.

After happening upon an interesting ad for a home security company, he came in for an interview with DEFENDERS founder, Dave Lindsey. After just 30 minutes, Marty was hooked. “It just clicked and he won me over. There was just something about Dave.”

Although Marty seemed somewhat overqualified for the position, he was fascinated by the goals and vision that Dave shared with him. He was immediately drawn to the possibilities of this tiny company. Regarding his first impressions of the company Marty says, “I thought to myself, this is what I’ve been looking for my whole life.” So, Marty joined the team.

Marty recalls those early years with a sense of fondness. Even so, there was no lack of hard work. He remembers days of trudging from door to door in the midwestern snow. In the first year, the DEFENDERS team focused their energies on an ADT contest. The contest would give the company what it needed to move forward. Marty recalls, “Unless we made enough sales to be a part of this content, DEFENDERS wouldn’t be here.” He recollects long days of working and selling, trying to meet the goal. Despite what seemed like impossible odds, the team pulled through and won the contest. From there, the company’s growth seemed boundless and business soared.

Today, Marty spends his days at work running the DEFENDERS Account Services Team. His team is responsible for caring for the customer for the first year they do business with DEFENDERS. Helping ensure customer satisfaction and seeing that families are protected is Marty’s driving motivation every day and it makes him a happy guy:

“I get comments every single day. I constantly get asked, why do you always have a smile on your face? I’m always overwhelmingly happy to come into work every day.”

But it isn’t just the work at DEFENDERS that has kept Marty with the company for 20 years—it’s the company culture. He knows that a good job is only part of what makes a person happy. From day one, Marty has loved the culture that he watched develop around him. He fully embraces the core values and principles that define DEFENDERS. Describing the culture, Marty says, “That is why I live and breathe and it fulfills me every single day.”

Marty also takes every opportunity he can to give back to others. He is active with Wheeler Mission Ministries and regularly participates with the Susan B. Coleman Foundation. He has assisted with the Drumstick Dash since 2004.

Not a day goes by that Marty doesn’t bring a smile to the hallways of DEFENDERS headquarters. “I feel loved and blessed for the opportunity I was given 20 years ago.”

We can’t be thankful enough for having you as part of the team. Thanks Marty!

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