Building 20 Years of Success: The DEFENDERS Origin Story

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This year, we are celebrating our 20th Anniversary of helping to protect families. Today, we are a national company striving to help protect families across the United States, but, this radical success wasn’t realized overnight. The road that led us here wasn’t always smooth and took a lot of resilience, persistence, and learning, but we survived and excelled and are proud to serve more and more families each year. How did DEFENDERS get where it is today? Let’s rewind 20 years...

Our humble beginnings: Where DEFENDERS began

In 1998, a young product developer made the brave jump into entrepreneurship. After attending Indiana University where he received a BS in Business Finance and an MBA in Marketing and Finance, Dave Lindsey began working in the lock and door hardware industry. It was while working to develop safe equipment for homes that he began to see the real value in protecting families.

While working in Virginia for Medeco Locks, Inc. Dave was passed over for a promotion and felt unsatisfied with the company culture. Realizing that this discontent was not something he wanted to foster, Lindsey approached his wife with the idea of starting their own company.

After some reflection, Dave and his wife made the decision to invest $30,000 of their own savings into starting a new business. He had seen a successful sales approach work wonders in the locksmith industry and he was hoping to duplicate that kind of success. Logically, he and his wife began scouting around for a locksmith business to buy. When that plan didn’t fit in with their budget, they left Virginia and returned home to Indianapolis.

Dave had been paying attention to successful business ventures and noticed a boom in the security industry in the 90’s. His stint in the lock and door hardware industry had spawned an appreciation for home security and he liked the idea of launching a business that would help protect families. Going from locks to alarm systems seemed like a natural progression and so he jumped at the chance to become an Authorized ADT Dealer. They wrote up a business plan and set their sights on sales once the ADT contract had been signed.

From a home-based business to a thriving company

Taking advantage of a sales program offered by ADT, Dave climbed into a van with other salesmen and was shown the mechanics of the door-to-door sales pitch. A few hours in, he had already sold his first security system. He immediately recognized that this was an approach that successful sales people could repeat and saw potential for growth. He bought a van and set about making ADT sales quotas.

Quickly, Dave brought on a few zealous sales personnel and they immediately took to knocking on doors. In September of his first year, Lindsey and his company banded together and set their sights on winning the ADT sales contest. After four difficult months of long sales days, Dave and the small company working from his spare bedroom won the contest, beating out hundreds of other ADT Authorized Dealers across the country.

From there, the company took off and Dave began to hire more team members to expand his business. When he had a sales team in place, as the owner, he stepped back from sales and focused on creating systems and processes. He spent his days working to finetune the business’s sales approach and installation processes. Given his dissatisfaction with previous jobs and his heartfelt commitment to serving those around him, Dave also worked earnestly to ensure that his company had an award-winning company culture with a focus on giving.

Through a commitment to these processes and a dynamic sales approach, the company began to grow quickly. Over time, DEFENDERS has expanded, opening branches across the country. As ADT’s only Premier Provider, DEFENDERS continues to grow and help protect as many families as possible. We are proud to say that as of today we have helped protect more than 1.8M families!

As we make our way into our 20th year, we are humbled to see all of the ways in which our company is able to positively impact the world. Today, we are proud to have

  • An award-winning company culture.
  • A business which values and rewards personal development.
  • A company of givers, not just a giving company, which supports giving and community service.
  • A high performance team focused on developing leaders and serving and protecting families.

We appreciate and give thanks to every single employee, and their families, who have been on this growth adventure with us. The momentum is increasing and we’re showing no signs of stopping. Together, let’s make DEFENDERS’ 20th Anniversary our best year yet!

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