Giving Back to Our Communities with Benevity

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Giving—it’s what we do. We go to great lengths to give back to our communities. We set up Habitat for Humanity builds in our parking lot so that all of our team members have the opportunity to give when they find themselves with an extra half hour. We send team members to foreign countries to build Homes of Hope for struggling families. There are a number of ways to encourage giving and we are always looking for new ways to do our part.

As part of our ever-evolving journey, we have realized that it can be easier to get excited about getting involved when you find a cause that matters to you. To help foster that excitement, we use the Benevity Program. The Benevity Program is a platform we provide our team members which helps them understand the avenues they can use to give and serve.

Donations in Benevity

All DEFENDERS team members can access the Benevity platform and arrange to donate to their favorite charities. The platform acts as a central repository for all of your charitable contributions and offers management tools to simplify the process. Here are some ways team members can use Benevity to help with their donations.

Matched giving

We are so excited when our team members give, that we give too! In 2017, DEFENDERS initiated the Matched Giving program. To help support our team members who selflessly give to a community organization, we decided that we would match dollar-for-dollar any donation given to an approved 501(C) for up to $5,000 in 2017. And because we know how busy our team members are serving in their communities, we adopted the Benevity platform to support their efforts.

Donation options in Benevity

Benevity makes it easy to give monetary donations by allowing team members to choose an option that works best for each individual. Here are the donation options:

Team members can make payments to a charity using a credit card or PayPal account: To participate with this option, team members simply access their account and load payments from a connected credit card or PayPal account. Users can choose any denomination. DEFENDERS incurs the transaction-related administration fees associated with matched monetary donations. Standard merchant processing fees are passed on to the organizations when using credit cards for donations.

Benevity allows members to prefund their account with money: In this case, a team member would upload funds that they intend to use as a charity donation without naming a specific recipient. This money is overseen by the DAF (Donor Advised Fund). If a charity isn’t specified at the end of the year, the money will be allocated to an approved 501(C) charity designated by the DAF. Sometimes, team members know they want to give, but don’t have a charity in mind. The team member still benefits from the donation with a tax write-off. However, once the funds have been uploaded into the Benevity platform, the donation cannot be refunded.

Request a match from a donation using the receipt-latter option: Rather than giving directly through the platform, team members have the option of donating outside of the platform and requesting a donation match using a receipt. To use this option, team members upload a receipt showing the donation and the charity receives a matched donation as specified by the employee but no more than $5,000 from DEFENDERS.

Service options in Benevity

While we appreciate all monetary donations, we also know that serving our communities is about more than money. It’s about helping others. To help foster the giving spirit, Benevity also provides tools to help team members locate service opportunities.

By accessing the Volunteer tab within the program, users can identify approved charities offering volunteer opportunities. Charities can apply to Benevity to promote volunteer opportunities or users can share options within the platform. In addition, users are provided with tools to track volunteer time, record favorites, and view new opportunities.

Check out Benevity and discover all of the ways you can start giving today.