Architecture Meets Culture: Our Newly Upgraded Headquarters

HQ Reno-crop

At DEFENDERS, we are competitive winners. We are constantly looking for ways to improve. To continue on our ambitious path, we thought our headquarters could use a bit of an upgrade. Take a peek to see what innovations we are implementing.

An upgrade for a team of competitive winners

At DEFENDERS, we want our team of competitive winners to work in a space that supports them as they strive to be the best version of themselves. Because we have such a strong company culture, we wanted our headquarters to reflect our values and passions.

As part of the planning phase, we visited several other thriving companies in the Indianapolis area to see how innovative organizations utilize their facilities—companies such as Roche, Lilly, and Salesforce. Project manager, Deb Albecete, commented, “We took all of the best elements from everything we had seen and married that up to DEFENDERS beliefs, passions…things that are core to our foundation.” And the results are breathtaking.

Innovation meets culture in the DEFENDERS headquarters renovation

On April 1st, we began work on our renovation. To make the best use of our headquarters space, our renovation team was looking to increase capacity and better utilize underused areas. We wanted team members to have opportunities for connection while continuing to support them in their personal and professional goals.

Here’s a sneak peek at what our newly upgraded headquarters has in store:

  • Convertible meeting rooms with state-of the art technology: Our large conference rooms have been fitted with the latest in technology. They house HD projectors, webcams for improved video conferencing capabilities, and built-in microphones in the ceiling to enhance communication. These rooms easily fit 250-300 people. However, in the event that they are not used, the walls easily convert, making the large space into smaller rooms to be utilized for other purposes. The technology detects the shift in the rooms and adjusts accordingly. No more wasted space!
  • New copy-coffee areas: Each floor now has kitchenette areas on each end of the building. The copy-coffee areas house upgraded copy machines with the latest coffee machines and snack areas, complete with a full-size refrigerator and microwave. Each area also has seating with monitors that can be used to display company announcements or used by team members for visual presentations. The areas promote social interactions and offer additional options for break time.
  • Upgraded work stations: DEFENDERS has opted for an open design to promote interactions. Each person has an assigned work station with height-adjustable furniture, three drawers, and a personal closet. The desks were upgraded with a USB hub to support technology needs.
  • Focus rooms: Collaboration is essential for success, but we also know that sometimes you need to focus without distractions. That’s where our focus rooms come in. These rooms can be booked for up to four hours and are utilized for tasks that require quiet concentration.
  • Huddle rooms: At DEFENDERS, we are big fans of cheering on our team members. Because huddles are a big part of our culture, we added in huddle rooms. These spaces have round tables with chairs and can be used by anyone who needs to have a one-on-one conference or a collaboration of 2-3 team members.
  • Lakeside collaboration areas: These scenic spaces are fitted as collaborative areas, complete with comfy chairs, couches, and lap desks. These areas also house a 55-inch flip TV which can be used as a tablet or monitor to engage teams.
  • Second floor pods: On the second floor, specialty pods were added as a quick getaway from work tasks. These isolation areas offer a massage chair, noise-cancelling domes, a rocking chair, and a couch.
  • Full café: A full café will tie the project together. More than a lunch area, the space is designed as a gathering hub to bring team members together.

In addition to these updated areas, we have focused our efforts on natural light and integrating art to marry our culture with our space. Deb mentioned the team’s efforts: “There’s no way that you can walk into the building and leave not understanding who we are and what we’re about. It’s everywhere.” Each room is named to represent an award given to team members for exceptional service or saving lives.

Offices were moved inward to open up the windows and allow in more natural light. The center stairwell is now an art piece, in addition to being functional. To represent our love of giving, new tables were handmade by a local nonprofit. Artwork throughout the building was chosen carefully to speak to company values and our team members. Deb noted, “There are lots of fun pockets of storytelling throughout the building.” To top it off, the entire building is now protected with the latest in ADT security systems.

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