Leading by Example - John Rackley

John Rackley

We are in full swing celebrating our 20th anniversary. As part of this important milestone, DEFENDERS is honoring team members who illustrate exceptional devotion to our core values and passions. Meet John Rackley. John truly embodies our core value: We are called to grow and inspire leaders who love and serve people. John continuously sets high standards for leadership within our organization.

John came to DEFENDERS in 2009. After developing a successful career in physical security, John was looking for a place where he could settle down from extensive traveling and devote more time to his family. His background in security training and consulting made him an ideal fit for home security. Noticing how he excelled in the security business, a friend quickly began to recruit John for DEFENDERS.

Learning leadership at DEFENDERS

John’s experience in the security field led to a role as Security Manager where he was tasked with reopening a previously closed branch. After a successful reopening, he spent some time in South Carolina working as a Security Advisor. During his time there, he helped the branch transform into one of the top performers in the company.

It was after he was asked to merge some branches together that John realized he didn’t really have much leadership education or examples to draw from: “I wasn’t leading people, I had a lot of failed leadership pitfalls. I was managing people and leading through metrics, but not leading people.”

Shortly after, John met a regional manager who would help him develop his own set of leadership skills. His manager showed him what it meant to lead by example and to embody leadership in a humble manner. From there, John saw how he could impact others by embodying the same leadership qualities. John said, “It really is DEFENDERS that did it. I can’t take all the credit. I just try to be a good example.”

Leading by example

Now, John takes every opportunity to help those around him, both as a leader and as a humble servant. Part of being a leader means embracing both your successes and the opportunities to learn from your failures. A coworker commented on John’s ability to do both: “John is always ready to take on a challenge and then share his experience regardless of the outcomes. He uses his failures as opportunities for others to learn and grow.”

He has participated in YWAM trips, engaged in trueU courses and events, and participated in LIP leadership development. “I attribute a lot of my empathy and humility to those programs within DEFENDERS that they give us the ability to be a part of.” Thank you, John for all you do for DEFENDERS and the growth of your team!


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