Focus on Fit with Our New Fitness Initiative


People often feel stressed at work. In fact, according to, 80 percent of workers feel stress on the job. With so many emails to answer, meetings to attend, and an ever-growing to-do list, it can be difficult to find the right balance between life and work. 

With so much of our mental and physical energy going toward our professional lives, our personal health is often overlooked. But we know that when our personal health improves, so do other aspects of our lives. That’s why we help our team members focus on physical fitness.

The benefits of physical fitness

As a company who takes self-improvement seriously, we know that our work lives aren’t just about…well, our work. What we can contribute to our company is impacted by so many factors that have little to do with our professional abilities. It is exactly this mindset that our founder discusses in the Salt Bag Story.

If we are stressed at home or suffering from illnesses and conditions that result from poor physical conditions, then we also suffer at work. Director of Culture, Scott Prill, doesn’t want to see this happen at DEFENDERS: “Our first passion at DEFENDERS is self-improvement. We want team members to be successful in all aspects of their life. We want team members to think of health and wellness when it comes to self-improvement.” 

Fitness @ Work

At DEFENDERS, we aren’t good at being complacent. We find it difficult to identify a problem without being a part of the solution. For that very reason, we are launching a new initiative to encourage physical fitness and wellbeing called Fitness @ Work. 

DEFENDERS has maintained a long-standing relationship with an Indianapolis-based health and wellness company, offering boot camp-style workouts at our headquarters. In an attempt to re-energize our fitness efforts, we are launching a series of fitness challenge campaigns to engage team members and encourage them to take control of their physical well-being. 

Our first challenge is known as Commit to Fit. We tasked team members with committing to eight weeks of workouts, held at our Indianapolis headquarters. If you’ve ever seen the gym attendance dwindle from packed to sparse as New Year’s resolutions fade away, you know if can be difficult to truly commit. That’s why we support our team members to help them be successful. Here’s how:

  • Video resources: Team members have access to exercise videos which help support continued physical fitness at home and on individual time.
  • Eating tips: Physical well-being encompasses more than just exercise. Good eating habits are a part of that goal too. That’s why we offer resources to help team members improve how and what they eat.
  • Adjusted for team members of all ability levels: Because we want to encourage our team members to join in, our sessions are modified for people of all ability and fitness levels, from beginners to advanced.
  • Gym reimbursement: A true Commit to Fit initiative goes beyond our company challenges. To keep team members focused and motivated, we offer gym reimbursement to team members in Indianapolis and in our branches across the country.

  • We have no plans of stopping there. Stay tuned for our next fitness challenge!

    Want a better work-life balance? Come work for a company that supports self-improvement!