Daniel Guadarrama Inspired Others through Self Improvement

Daniel Guadarrama Image

Not many companies will brag about employees who put more effort toward personal growth than working their jobs. But, DEFENDERS isn’t most companies. We know that people can only succeed professionally when they are at their best personally. That’s why we push our employees to put themselves first.

To celebrate our 20th anniversary, we are giving away prizes to those who truly embody our core values. Meet Daniel Guadarrama. We awarded Daniel because he is a true example of why self-improvement is so important.

Finding the path to success

The path to success is not always a smooth one. Despite the bumps in the road, Daniel continued to press on and didn’t let obstacles deter him. Daniel is a native of Puerto Rico. From a very young age, Daniel was a hard worker. He came to the U.S. unable to speak English and with few resources, but he possessed an unstoppable determination. He paid for his college by selling vacuum cleaners. Upon moving to the U.S., Daniel learned English and other business skills. Although he found some success in other jobs, he did not find a path which suited him until he came to DEFENDERS.

Immediately prior to joining DEFENDERS, Daniel had been working in a factory. He was unsatisfied and knew he wanted a different path. Luckily, a friend called and suggested he come to work for DEFENDERS. This was a turning point in Daniel’s career and he says his “prayers were answered.”

Daniel quickly came to love the DEFENDERS culture: “DEFENDERS has helped me by creating a culture that fits everybody.” He enthusiastically embraced the opportunities offered to team members and began his journey of self-improvement. Daniel never allows challenges to weaken his resolutions. He keeps himself motivated by reading books and surrounding himself with positive peers, believing “there is no excuse to not be in a winning mode all the time.”

Inspiring motivation in others

But, Daniel doesn’t stop at simply improving himself. He encourages those around him to work on personal growth, as well. Daniel says, “I want to help other people to be successful...It’s not easy, but it’s rewarding.” As part of this goal, Daniel hosts weekly Wednesday motivational meetings that are well known to his coworkers. These sessions provide an opportunity to inspire his peers.

At one of his recent sessions, Daniel noticed additional attendees. To his surprise, these additional visitors had come with an award. Daniel was presented the Passion award for Self-Improvement. His positive attitude and commitment to improving himself and those around him have been a true inspiration.

Daniel plans to use his winnings to support his local church, which has fallen into disrepair due to lack of funding. His donation will help replace carpet and perform some much-needed maintenance to the building. Daniel says, “Thanks to DEFENDERS…the Sylvania church can keep the doors open for the benefit of many others in our community.Keep up the good work Daniel!

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