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DEFENDERS Founders Awarded for Service to Community

BBSCI Mentor Award-crop
Dave and Jessica Lindsey are honored to receive the 2018 Community Mentor Award from BBBSCI. Find out why.

DEFENDERS Annual Make-a-Wish Campaign

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At DEFENDERS, we are dedicated to making an impact. Read here for details on our annual Make-a-Wish campaign and find out how we are helping to grant the wishes of this year’s recipients.

Giving Back to Our Communities with Benevity

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We love to give. Find out how we support your cause with the Benevity Program.

DEFENDERS Celebrates 300th Homes of Hope Build!

Space to grow a family. A home to call their own. This is why DEFENDERS partners with Homes of Hope to give back to families in Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

Meet Scott Lacy from Defenders: A 2017 Inspire Award Finalist

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It is often difficult to know what kind of impact we have on those around us. While it may be easy to see how people change over a span of years, you don’t often see the immediate effect you can have on a person. This is exactly how Scott Lacy felt. And then, he was given a pretty good clue.