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Meet Our First 20th Anniversary Winner: Ryan Threlkeld

Meet Ryan Threlkeld, our first 20th anniversary passion award recipient. Take a look at how he helps DEFENDERS be a better business.

The Power of You

Realize the Power of You and start making a positive impact on the world.

Building 20 Years of Success: The DEFENDERS Origin Story

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This year, we are celebrating our 20th Anniversary of helping to protect families. Today, we are a national company striving to help protect families across the United States, but, this radical success wasn’t realized overnight. The road that led us here wasn’t always smooth and took a lot of resilience, persistence, and learning, but we survived and excelled and are proud to serve more and more families each year. How did DEFENDERS get where it is today? Let’s rewind 20 years...

Building Leaders with Our Culture Leadership Team

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See how we help build leaders with our Culture Leadership Team.

Meet One of Our Top Performers, Rowena Broomfield

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At DEFENDERS, we believe we are only as good as our team members. Meet one of our top performers, Rowena Broomfield.

Defenders and ivy tech community college Announce joint partnership

DEFENDERS, a leading national provider of residential security services, recently announced the signing of a Joint Partnership with Ivy Tech Community College. This partnership, referred to as the Pipeline Interview Agreement, marks an extraordinary first step toward innovating the way both the Company and Academia work together to enhance the talent pipeline for DEFENDERS.

How We Achieve Success

Want to be successful? See how we do success at DEFENDERS.

How We Create a Winning Company Culture

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What if your workplace didn’t stress you out, but was actually an enjoyable place to be? A place that created a company culture which encouraged your personal development?

Why We Push Our Employees to Be the Best Version of Themselves

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Being a better employee starts with self-improvement. Find out how we help you be a better version of you at DEFENDERS.

DEFENDERS Celebrates 300th Homes of Hope Build!

Space to grow a family. A home to call their own. This is why DEFENDERS partners with Homes of Hope to give back to families in Mexico and the Dominican Republic.